About Us

According to Small Business Administration, Small businesses employ about half of U.S workers. That is where half of the inspiration for our name comes from.

At Legacy50, we are passionate about helping small businesses (with 500 employees or less) build legacies they can be proud of by leveraging smart and effective online marketing technologies and strategies.

The other half of the inspiration for our name comes from “Steve Jobs”.

The death of Steve Jobs helped me get clarity of my life purpose and reason for existing. What I realized was even though he is no longer alive physically, the legacy he built and left behind will be touched, felt, and passed on for generations to come.

His legacy lives on every time an iPad is sold, or an iPhone app downloaded, or Angry bird played; his genius and philosophy live on in the design of each Apple product; his thoughts lives on every time some entrepreneur asks himself “how would Steve Jobs vision this?”

I believe everyone has a legacy to leave behind. Whether it is a set of values you pass down to your kids or a great company to pass on, part of you live on.

We are here to help you build your business, if that is part of the legacy you designed for yourself.

No fancy words, no fancy moves, just shots that scores.

Your partner,
Founder of Legacy50.com
Dylan Hao